History & Legends

The land surrounding this lake, rich with the volcanic soils from the Tarawera eruption, was the last of the developed farming areas of the Rotorua District.



Lake Rerewhakaaitu lies at the base of the southern slopes of Mount Tarawera. It is a relatively shallow lake, with unusual catchment groundwater drainage.

Despite its lack of depth, Rerewhakaaitu is usually beautifully clear. It is surrounded by farmland and native ti tree (Manuka) grows around the edges. Fish will take a 'dry' imitation but don't expect a hit on every presentation.



Brett Rd

Right on the shores of Lake Rerewhakaaitu, with good fishing, swimming and walking nearby. Both reticulated water and cooking shelters are on site.

Ash Pitt Rd

Similar amenities to Brett Rd but a much larger site.