Mountain biking is a good time! We are all about finding the right progression for you and your riding to help you have more fun. We will help you by working on fundamental skills that will ensure that your riding will progress as a result and therefore you get to enjoy it more and have more... FUN!

Whether you are just starting out, want to further your skills,  or you are just learning your way around Rotorua's Redwood Forest, we would love to help you out. Take a day with one of our coaches to learn new skills, new trails, and have a great time with a group of friends or family, your partner, or one-on-one with your own coach.


  • Setting up your mountain bike
  • Master the controls of your mountain bike (using your gears, brakes, seat post)
  • Being efficient on your mountain bike
  • Controlling the speed and direction of your mountain bike
  • Riding with more confidence
  • Keeping up with your friends and having FUN!