Zorb Rotorua
Zorb fast track
Zorb aerial view
Zorb Sunset
Zorb Zydro
Zorb Drop track
Zorb doubel trouble

THE FAST LANE - race your friends or ride together on our fastest track for an experience you’ll talk about for years to come. Up to three riders per Globe on the worlds fastest track!

THE ZIG ZAG - Twist and shout your way down this fun, unique track. You’ll slip and slide into the steep corners and turns and be begging for another ride. Go it alone or take a mate.

THE DROP - Expect the unexpected on this track! The world’s only drop will take you by surprise. If you love a thrill, this ride is for you. You can’t take a mate to hold your hand on this one! Single rider only.

WET RIDES – Just for extra fun we add a dose of water into the globe – warm for your comfort in winter and cool in the hot summer. Splashing, slipping and sliding down the tracks –  you can definitely expect one wild wet ride! Bring your swim suit and towel, but no worries if you don’t have them, we have some for hire. .

DRY RIDES – Climb inside a specially designed dry globes for an exhilarating ridewithout the water, a great winter option !
Camera Hire – Hire one of our 4k waterproof cameras for just $25. Plus if you bring your own mini-sd card, sdcard or flash drive and we’ll transfer the files directly onto them for you - or we have flash drives available for purchase too.