ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan on their Rotorua Road Trip

ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan on their Rotorua Road Trip

What activity would you say is a must do for people visiting Rotorua this summer?

I’d say the Rotorua Canopy Tours are a must. It’s perfect for all age groups and ability ranges. It’s a hell of a good time and the perfect mix of adrenaline and site seeing. Also Skyline Rotorua rules and the horse trek at Adventure Playground was fantastic. It’s an awesome group activity with lots of laughs and awesome views.

What is your favourite café, restaurant or eatery in Rotorua?

Eat Streat rules! There are so many options in one small stretch of town. We were lucky enough to eat at Brew Bar and Atticus Finch which were both amazing. Brew Bar was a great feed with an awesome range of beers, while Atticus Finch has fantastic cocktails and delicious tapas.
Both were top notch!

What would you recommend people do to relax when visiting Rotorua?

I have to mention the Polynesian Spa. It was a very relaxing experience. Slinking from pool to pool and the one dip in the cold plunge pool was about as extreme as we got there. And there’s definitely something in that water…

Would you recommend that other couples visit Rotorua?

Firstly, Fletch and I aren’t a couple….I swear. We only held hands in Rotorua to make sure we didn’t lose each other. Seriously though, Rotorua has so many options for couples. From a romantic yet adrenaline packed ride in the nearby Redwood mountain bike tracks, to a dip in the Polynesian Spa, to taunting your loved one as they careen off the luge track into the dirt, there is so much to do. Or you can just go for a romantic and amazing meal somewhere in town.

Are there any hidden gems that you have discovered whilst visiting Rotorua?

Okere Falls Store was a pleasant surprise! It’s such an awesome spot with a great range of food and drink. I would recommend it to anyone.