Tips for the lone traveller visiting Rotorua

Tips for the lone traveller visiting Rotorua

Image: Tasty Empanadas at the Rotorua Night Market. A must do during your stay in Rotorua.

Hey Backpackers, you're travelling by yourself and want to know how to meet people while travelling solo? Well, it’s easier than you think, and no, you don’t need to be a social butterfly or have a tremendous following on Instagram to have an awesome time. You might be thinking ‘huh isn’t it a bit weird to talk to strangers?!’ To that we locals say, “Kia Ora" welcome to Rotorua and to the many benefits of travelling alone.  You’ll soon come to realise it’s the people you meet along the way who make travel such a rewarding, memorable experience. 

Whether you’re keen to meet locals while travelling, or you’re searching for a fellow backpacker to get off the beaten track with, we’ve got you covered to help you meet people abroad like a professional. 

First up, you must give everybody a chance! People will surprise you time and time again. Being open minded when travelling gives off good vibes as you will meet different types of people from all over the globe that you might not meet in your home town. Age is just another number and the more nationalities the better.   There will be interesting people on every bus, cafe, bookshop and bar you enter and always remember YOU are interesting too.


Top 5 Ways of meeting new people when travelling alone in Rotorua

1 Thermal Land Shuttle - A great way to meet likeminded people while being an easy and cost effective transfer option in Rotorua, taking the hassle out of getting to and from your next geothermal adventure. 

2 Rotorua Night Market – A great way to interact with locals as they cook their large variety of yummy dishes, which extend from a variety of cultures and cuisines.

3 Hangout and cook in the communal areas of your hostel or backpackers as you will immediately be surrounded by people that hold similar travel interests to you… you have after all both decided to travel to Rotorua, why not use that as a conversation starter. 

4 Rotorua i-SITE & Visitor Centre – The hub of all things to do in Rotorua, this is a great place to plan your stay in Rotorua, get local advice and meet people who are travelling through the area as well.

5 Smile – Everyone likes a smiling face, remember you are on a trip of a lifetime!  Sure there will be times where you miss home or maybe your plans haven’t worked out but put a smile on your face and talk to others as no doubt they will have at some point experienced a similar situation and maybe be able to help you out.

Don’t hesitate to travel alone, dive right in, you will likely learn a lot about yourself along the way.