Rotorua waterways provide great fishing experiences

Rotorua waterways provide great fishing experiences

Rotorua's stunning rivers & lakes make the Rotorua Lakes Region a fisherman's paradise! Whatever kind of fishing you are into, fly, trolling or jigging, Rotorua has great guides to show you the best fishing on offer!

Lake Rotoiti

Lake Rotoiti is a relatively large lake lying to the east of Rotorua and is connected to Lake Rotorua by the Ohau Channel. It is a popular location for both fly fishing and boat fishing. Due to limited spawning grounds this lake is supplemented with the highest hatchery release of juvenile fish in the district. The quality of fish taken from this lake is unmatched in the region due to the abundant food supply and favourable growing conditions for the trout. The most popular boat fishing techniques on this lake are trolling or jigging. Fly fishing on this lake is best at the hatchery liberation points around the lake edge with most fish taken in the winter month’s coinciding with rain.

Ngongotaha Stream

The Ngongotaha Stream emerges out of the bush clad Mamaku Range and flows through rural farmland to enter Lake Rotorua very close to the township of Ngongotaha. This very popular fishery has some of the best sized trout in New Zealand. There wouldn’t be another stream in New Zealand that produces more trophy brown trout than the Ngongotaha Stream. This small and tight fishery holds incredible numbers of trout at certain times of year with summer migrations of brown trout followed by rainbows through to the end of season. Every fisherman who has fished the Ngongotaha has a story about the big one that got away.

Te Wairoa Stream

Flowing into a picture perfect corner of Lake Tarawera the Te Wairoa stream mouth is one of the most beautiful places to fish you could imagine. Come autumn and early winter the fish of Lake Tarawera move to the river mouth of the stream before migrating up the small creek. Only the mouth of the stream where is enters Lake Tarawera is open to fishing. Upstream a short distance is a fish trap which is used by the Hatchery to capture trout so that they can be used for the breeding program to supplement the adjoining lakes of the district. Fly fishing is the preferred method at this location with great catches for the patient fisherman.

Hamurana Stream Mouth

The Hamurana stream mouth is one of the most productive locations close to Rotorua once summer arrives. Both spin and fly fisherman frequent this location to catch the hundreds of fish that congregate once the lake has warmed up. As the shallow Lake Rotorua heats up in the summer months it drives the fish of the lake to the cooler oxygenated water of the streams flowing into the Lake. The Hamurana spring that forms the river is the coolest source of water into the lake resulting in huge concentrations of trout at times. Big schools of rainbow and brown trout can be seen cruising the shallow water around the river mouth in the right conditions.

Whirinaki River

The Whirinaki River is a quality freestone river that offers the fly fisherman some of the best backcountry fishing in New Zealand. Originating in the Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park, a World Heritage rainforest, before flowing through many kilometres of farmland before joining the Rangitaiki River near Murupara. The most popular time to fish this river is in the summer months when the cicadas are abundant and the trout have their eye on the surface of the water. During this period of the summer you will experience some of the most exciting dry fly fishing to free rising trout this country has to offer.