Partnership helps to restore Birdsong

Partnership helps to restore Birdsong

Rotorua Canopy Tours continues to grow from strength to strength restoring the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve from rats and possums to its former glory. Rotorua Canopy Tours has been operating zip line Tours in the Mamaku Plateau since 2013 and whilst in operation have been trapping in order to protect our native bird species.

Working closely with Wellington company Good Nature, the two businesses have successfully cleared 250ha of the reserve of pests resulting in the population of native bird species rebounding, along with endangered species of invertebrates, reptiles & fungi.

The dawn chorus is heard daily with the tours encountering many native birds meaning the forest itself is changing for the better. The reserve is managed as part of the Department of Conservation and is the first of its kind in which DOC & Canopy Tours struck a three year deal with a proportion of the rent Canopy Tours pays for leasing the land can be put back into conservation efforts.

Lou Sanson, Director General of DOC said ground-breaking partnerships such as this demonstrate how businesses can drive conservation efforts and help achieve its Predator Free 2050 goal.

Canopy Tours founder, James Fitzgerald said while he wanted to carry out pest control on the reserve, he wasn’t prepared for the full impact this would have.  “We are five years into this project and the forest has been transformed from a place of silence to an area singing with birdsong. The stripped tree canopy has been replenished and we are on track to have a fully resorted forest in just 10 years. That’s pretty exciting in terms of what it means for conservation in this country”.

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