World class fishing of all types

World class fishing of all types

There are 18 sparkling lakes around the Rotorua district with many providing great fishing opportunities and experiences.  For all the insider knowledge, hire a local fishing guide to show you around. 

There are many ways to catch trout in our lakes, streams and rivers of the Rotorua district. Here’s a few of the most popular methods to catch our trout.

Fly Fishing

The most popular method of fishing in Rotorua  is fly fishing. With a little practice the angler will be able to cast his fly in front of a waiting trout. There are many opportunities to fly fish in the region with some location open all year. Highlights of the Rotorua fly fishing is dry fly fishing remote fisheries by helicopter or 4wd, casting to congregated trout at one of the river mouths or chasing the migrating fish when they head up the local spring creeks. To experience the best fly fishing Rotorua has to offer book a fishing guide to ensure you have the best chance of catching a trout.


Trolling is a great way to spend family time together and at the same time experience our beautiful lakes we have in Rotorua. This technique has you slowly motoring through the bays around the lake trolling a lure to entice the trout. The skipper will know the best coloured lures, the best locations and where the fish are holding most of the time. There can be great catch rates in the lakes of Rotorua making it an exciting fishing experience. Book a boat fishing charter to ensure you have a productive and enjoyable trip.


Jigging has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years as the most productive boat fishing technique targeting the fish that live in our local lakes. Once summer arrives most trout look to the deeper water of such lakes as Rotoiti, Tarawera and Okataina. With modern technology fisherman can target these fish with a series of flies sunk into deep water with amazing results. Jigging combines exciting fishing with some of the best quality trout in the district.

Book a local fishing charter that offers jigging to get a top quality fishing experience.