Rail Cruising in Rotorua

RailCruising is the ultimate way to experience a railway.
Enjoy the freedom of traveling through the scenic Rotorua countryside in your own self-drive RailCruiser with nothing ahead but the unobstructed curve of the rail stretching out into the distance and the rail beneath you.

How it Works
Groups of RailCruisers travel together in a round-trip from the Mamaku Railway Station. Cruising along at 20km/hr, you will discover a unique piece of New Zealand railway history as you listen along to the audio tour.

The RailCruisers
You will only share your RailCruiser with your group members. Each RailCruiser can carry up to four adults, or two adults and two children, or two adults and 3 smaller sized children. The RailCruisers have comfortable seats with unobstructed views that are fitted with clear drop down waterproof sides and on-board heating.

Every aspect of the operation is covered by the company’s Safety System, which is approved by the railway regulating body in New Zealand - the New Zealand Transport Agency.

If you need transport from Rotorua, we can arrange to have you picked up from your Rotorua accommodation, transported to Mamaku Railway Station and returned after your excursion on the railway.

For more information please visit our website - www.railcruising.com