STEAM-100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant is all about looking after the needs of local vegetarians as well as tourists visiting one of New Zealand’s hot tourist spots-Rotorua. It’s all about catering for healthy options along with authentic Indian taste. For some being vegetarian is their religious belief and we at STEAM make sure it is not violated when it comes to enjoying Indian vegetarian delicacies.  STEAM is more about an experience than just the food as well. We want everyone to remember their time spent in our restaurant rather than just their meal accomplishments. STEAM is a journey to Indian history and a modern approach to traditional Indian cuisine. We offer the largest Indian vegetarian menu in town with dishes from different parts of India along with some international cuisines with Indian touch. Come and enjoy your time at one of Rotorua’s classiest casual dine in Restaurant. We can cater for all small to larger groups including corporate and incentive groups as we have a large full bar in our restaurant.