Restaurant Nikau offers the best of New Zealand hospitality in a warm and relaxed atmosphere with menus combining European, Asian flavours and local produce.

Taste fresh local produce, with a menu to suit all tastes. 

Enjoy the spectacle of an open kitchen.  Private alcoves.  Log fire in the winter.

Take time for a pre dinner drink in Bar Zazu, located off the lobby, serving bar snacks and meals from noon until late each day. 

Nikau is open daily from 5.30pm until late.

Sour dough bread                                                                                                                  9
pesto and red pepper relish
Homemade mini kawa kawa herb bread loaf                                                                       9
pumpkin dip and horopito butter                                                                                                       
Mushroom & spinach tortellini                                                                                             16
shaved parmesan, sage, truffle oil and bell pepper sauce
Bocconcini & tomato                                                                                                             17
mozzarella shreds, tomato pearls, pear, croutons, rocket, sherry vinegar caramel
Cloudy bay clam chowder                                                                                                    16
crispy shallots, herb oil, garlic-cheese bread
Soft shell crab tempura                                                                                                         18.5
pickled vegetables, wasabi mayonnaise, coriander, lemon pickle,
black sesame seeds
Lamb croquette                                                                                                                      16
potato, lebnah cheese, pistachio, parsley, spanish onion
Seared yellow fin tuna                                                                                                           21
bell pepper, onion, tomato, fennel, orange, mirin-soy dressing
Salmon three ways                                                                                                                18
marinated, cake & rillettes, horseradish cream, caper berries
Classic caesar salad                                                                                                              16
cos leaves, bacon, croutes, crispy bacon, anchovies, poached egg,
shaved parmesan, caesar dressing

South island king salmon                                                                                                     35
apricot herbed cous cous, cucumber, cherry tomato, lebnah cheese,
bell pepper couli  
Venison (served medium rare)                                                                                             38
parsley sauce, cherries, baby carrots, potato-kumara pave, port wine jelly jus,
balsamic flakes
Fish of the day                                                                                                                       35
tomato, spinach, potato, baby clams, lobster bisque sauce
Lamb rump                                                                                                                             36
mushroom tart, courgettes, roasted parsnip, mint basil pesto, jus
Chicken breast                                                                                                                       32
herb stuffing, potato puree, fresh beans, shallots, pancetta,
porcini mushroom cream
Angus eye fillet steak                                                                                                            37
white onion sauce, potato beignets, spinach, pumpkin, red wine reduction
Kumara gnocchi                                                                                                                     26
pumpkin puree, red beets, sweet bell peppers, feta, almonds, snow pea tendril
Steak fries, ketchup and aioli                                                                                                  9.5
Beetroot, walnuts, feta, dates, rocket, sherry maple dressing                                                8.5
Agria potatoes, pancetta, Spanish onion, grain mustard, capers                                           8.5
Mixed green salad house vinaigrette                                                                                      8.5
Sautéed green beans & broccoli, garlic butter                                                                      8.5
Kapiti cheese plate
pakari smoked cheddar, kikirangi blue, aorangi brie,                                                              28
quince paste, pear,fig chutney, crackers        
Ice cream plate                                                                                                                      16
green tea, fig-honey and ginger ice cream on crushed meringue with
a orange-almond tuile
Coconut pannacotta                                                                                                              16
honey comb, tropical fruit salsa, lychee-lemon sorbet, blueberry powder with a
passionfruit syrup
Chocolate textures                                                                                                                16
chocolate mousse, ice cream, crumbs, crisps, dulce de leche, hazelnuts,
dried mandarin
Rhubarb and apple crumble slice                                                                                        16
custard, cream, vanilla bean ice cream
Coffee, caramel & nuts                                                                                                         16
latte macchiato gelato, espresso jelly, amaretti cookies, nutella powder,
caramel mousse
Hot chocolate pudding  (please allow 15 minutes)                                                              16
vanilla sauce, cookie and cream ice cream, dark cherries