The Mac’s team continually strives to be the best, to produce the best and to find the right balance of casual dining with friendly service. Mac’s was originally set up in 2001 as Mac’s Steakhouse, a choose-your-own steak restaurant with a buffet salad bar. In the years following, Mac’s developed a more sophisticated menu including making our own sauces, mayonnaise and jus. We changed the name to the modern ‘Mac’s Steaks’, with the focus on using quality ingredients. Now, more than thirteen years since Mac’s began, we have again changed our name to reflect the vibrant atmosphere of the new Eat Streat. We still offer quality products with an innovate combination of flavours and food styles while offering a range of boutique New Zealand wines to compliment our food. So come along and join us for a ‘dining beyond expectations’ experience and enjoy our sensational salads, a spectacular dessert and our award winning beef or lamb meals.