About RotoruaNZ

Rotorua NZ is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) owned by Rotorua Lakes Council (RLC). RotoruaNZ is both the Economic Development Agency and the Regional Tourism Organisation for the Rotorua district.

The organisation's activity supports RLC's Rotorua 2030 Vision.

RotoruaNZ's Purpose:

To improve the Rotorua economy and its ability to create employment, wealth and wellbeing for all of our people.

We do this by focusing on five areas of activity:

  • Destination development
  • Business growth and investment attraction
  • Skills, education and talent
  • Sustainable business
  • Growing the visitor economy

RotoruaNZ Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback helps us to identify what has been working well and what we could be doing differently. 

RotoruaNZ Satisfaction Survey 2021/22

Statement of Intent

RotoruaNZ's annual Statement of Intent (SOI) sets out the CCO’s strategic framework, activities and performance measures to deliver on its objectives and contribute to RLC's targets and priorities.

Statement of Intent 2022/23
Statement of Intent 2021/22
Statement of Intent 2020/21
Statement of Intent 2019/20

Annual Report

Our Annual Report reflects on the highlights of the year and monitors progress against the SOI.

Rotorua Economic Development Annual Report 2020 - 2021

Rotorua Economic Development Annual Report 2019 - 2020
Rotorua Economic Development Annual Report 2018 - 2019

RotoruaNZ Board

Tim Cossar (Chair)
Chris Auld
Aaron Donelley
Mana Newton
Keri-Anne Tane
David Tapsell

Staff Conflict of Interest

RotoruaNZ has a Conflict of Interest policy which states that all RotoruaNZ staff must declare whether they or a member of their immediate family have a business interest that could be seen as a conflict with the work they do for RotoruaNZ.

The declared information is openly shared with the Board and RotoruaNZ managers, and the chief executive is responsible for making sure there is no preference given to any other organisation as a result of a conflict.
If you have questions about the policy or potential conflicts, please contact the chief executive Andrew Wilson