Rotorua is an easy one hour drive from Tauranga and the perfect place for cruise ship passengers to get a taste of New Zealand and maori culture during their stop off.




Rotorua is often referred to as the Spa of the South Pacific. Scoot over from Tauranga and spend a day experiencing this unique destination by immersing yourself in geothermal mud and healing natural mineral waters.

Your next stop will be the Rotorua Museum of Art and History where you can discover the great stories of the Rotorua region through the innovative exhibitions and cinema experiences.

Take a leisurely stroll around the Government Gardens before having lunch at the Museum Café.



In the afternoon, visit Rainbow Springs Nature Park to see the iconic flightless Kiwi, and other native birds in the canopy aviary. Come face to face with pre-history in the eyes of our the tuatara. Take a seat for The Big Splash and learn about some of New Zealand's unique stories.