Power Spots

Characterized by strong Maori roots and a geothermal landscape, Rotorua is the birthplace of New Zealand tourism. The town offers many opportunities where you can experience its unique culture, as well as activities that will satisfy your desire for adventure.

The famous romantic legend about Hinemoa and Tutanekai originated from Lake Rotorua. The legend was also turned into a traditional New Zealand love song called Pokarekare Ana.

A harmonizing energy flows in Rotorua. Bring even more happiness to your life by charging your energy and power in Rotorua.

The below Energy Points have been categorised by Souei Hasegawa, a Happy Fortune Consultant and Cosmological and Natural Phenomenon Specialist.

Since childhood, Hasegawa has had innate spiritual insights. She is well-versed in energy waves, spiritual, healing, and feng shui, and is an advocate of the power of love and appreciation. Through her lifework of counselling, Hasegawa has been changing people's consciousness and energy to enrich their lives and lead them to happiness. Hasegawa is popular among people of all ages and backgrounds for her ability to convert people's concerns into a positive flow and bring happiness to their lives.


Mokoia Island

A spiritual energy point that will help you find true love. There are few places in our world that have such powerful energy. The Island of Hawaiʻi is one of them. Mokoia Island is another.There is a feminine, motherly spirit, the Matuatonga found here. It has a strong femininity, and provides the power of affection and gentle love, healing all those who the visit the island.

Hinemoa's Pool water has the power to bring kindness, thoughtfulness and love, this in turn connects people. This can help ensure the prosperity of bonds between married and unmarried couples alike. Rubbing the problem areas of your body with the hot spring water on your left hand has a healing effect.


Offering a prayer to Matuatonga can help with your love life and blessings of children.


Okere Falls

The energy found here has the power to clear away the congested negative energy in women. The area's power can be further absorbed by taking a stroll while listening intently to the sound of the falls. The power here can cleanse those who have broken hearts, or those who have interpersonal or love problems.

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. The healing sound of the falls should refresh you with the power to rejuvenate. This place also has the power to cut bad ties and bring new ones, or attract newfound love. Taking a portrait photo with the falls in the background can also increase your fortune.


Make sure to visit in the morning. Take a bottle of water with you, and enjoy drinking it while looking at the falls.


Hell's Gate

The entire area of Hell's Gate is a massive power point, so it is good to take a stroll around the park. It will not only be beneficial for your health and purification of your mind and body, but also for your fortunes in money and finance. Kakahi Falls is one of the strongest healing power spots that can be found in New Zealand, with its water full of healing and purifying powers.

Drinking manuka tea here is also recommended. Getting a traditional Maori massage will also help recharge your power. Five energy attributes (wood, fire, earth, gold, water) can be absorbed here, so just a simple visit could lead you to better fortunes.


After a stroll around the area, enter the mud pool and sulfurous hot spring. This should bring you better health.


The Redwoods Forest

Forest spirits live here. The energy point is with the water that leads to the Green Lake. There are spirits in certain specific areas. There is strong energy flowing on the red track.

The lookout on the green track has an area which can increase your personal development. Try thinking about your ideal you in your head while looking at the breathtaking scenery. The place helps clear away bad luck while bringing fortune for meeting new people as well as developing your life. (Refer to the route map at the Redwood Forest Park Information Centre. They also offer a pamphlet of the available walking paths.)


I recommend you take a stroll in the forest in the morning as it will help purify the fourth chakra and the wave within.


Green Lake

It is a place where the indigenous spirits rest and protect the land, even before Maori people started living around the area. The source of the power is from the trees and lakes, and they have been carefully protected since their antiquity. The neutral power of this lake purifies the energy of our deepest soul, bringing light to your life to show you who you really are.

The key to absorbing the power here is to avoid any negative thoughts and stay neutral during your visit. Take a drive nearby, or take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the serene view of the lake. It is an area with a strong wave and energy flow.


Keep your mind in a neutral state and take nine deep breaths to absorb the energy here.


Lake Tarawera

This lake has a strong water energy in a spiral shape that reminds you of a Maori symbol. You can absorb enriching power essential for life here. The edge of Lake Tarawera is a healing point that has the power to heal any psychological strain. Touch the water of the lake with your hands or your feet, or take a deep breath by the lakeside.


Smile and enjoy the day. Gazing out over the lakes from one of the cafes by the lakeside is helpful for absorbing power.


Te Puia

There is a strong power right from the entrance of the park, and it is a power spot in terms of feng shui, with a lot of force gathered in the area. The place also symbolizes the 12 gods of each Maori tribe, meaning that this area combines the energy of each of these tribes. It is a special place where you can communicate with spirits. This can be said especially near the kiwi house, and a strong flow of force can be felt also throughout the meandering footpath. Watching the river flow and the hot-spring falls from the middle of the bridge near the geyser will help get rid of any misfortune.

By watching the geyser up close, your wave movement will improve as well as your fortune. One can feel a strong sense of energy towards the back of the geyser, where it feels as though it is being protected by the energy of the gods of the 12 tribes.


Watch the geyser near the river. The wave in you will rise, leading to increased fortune.


Waimangu Volcanic Valley

Waimangu Volcanic Valley has the power that increases your energy and helps you find and realise your purpose in life. In the Inferno Crater lies a feminine spirit, which has the power to make women beautiful both on the inside and outside. The spirit also has the power to cleanse away any stress.

It is also worthwhile to visit when you want to reflect on yourself. Try and imagine the way you want to become while you are there.The hot spring here is very powerful, and has the ability to cut off any misfortune. There is a lot of energy collected from the surrounding valleys and mountains. Your fortune could shift towards the positive by making a visit.


Touch and taste the spring water.


Other Great Energy Points

There are other great energy points in Rotorua apart from the eight that I've introduced. There is a variety of energy charge points near Lake Rotorua. Items that you can get in Rotorua can also bring good fortune.
Improve your chances for romance at the rose gardens.


Go for a stroll amongst the roses at Government Gardens

This will help energize your love power and improve your romance. It is highly recommended for people who are longing for someone, as well as married and unmarried couples, and those who want to fulfill their love wishes.


Charge your energy at Lake Rotorua

Gazing out over the lake at night or dipping into a spa while looking up at the stars might help increase the chance of meeting your next love. The cafes situated by the lakeside are also a great source of energy. To increase your love chances, enjoy herb tea while facing the lake after 2pm in the afternoon.


Increase your fortune with the Maori Jade stone, pounamu

The fish hook design of the Maori pounamu carvings is a symbol of prosperity and positive energy, and it is believed to bring good fortune. You can get more information on Maori pounamu stone at Mountain Jade, Rotorua’s jade specialist.


Sheep motifs can bring good fortune

Try wearing items with a sheep motif. These have the power to lead to fulfilling relationships, improved friendships, and more broadly connecting with people.