Thermal Path tour

Geothermal Wonders / Central

Discover some of Rotorua's off the beatean track mud pools and best examples of thermal areas. Dip your toes in or fully immerse yourself in our favorite hot springs .

Rotorua is located in the Rotorua caldera, a volcanic crater 16 kilometres in diameter. With such an overwhelming amount of geological activity on offer, our Thermal Path tour aims to guide you through some of the ‘off the beaten track" geothermal locations.
Such as Rainbow Mountain.

Enjoy this half hour walk with great views over two crater lakes set against a backdrop of bare brown, orange and red steaming cliffs and an array of geothermal vegetation.


A two minute walk, it is one of the best opportunities to experience the unique character and sounds of erupting mud in New Zealand; activity is always guaranteed.


Set amongst lush native bush, Kerosene Creek offers a natural experience like no other. Geothermal heated waters, dip your toes in or fully immerse yourself. If the conditions are not suitable another place bathing location will be provided.


What a way to finish the day experience the ‘living waters’ of Te Manaroa Springs the largest single source of 100% boiling water in NZ. Let your worries melt away as you take a swim in one of the many hot pools.

Take in the volcanic landscape at your leisure and learn some of the history of New Zealand’s greatest hot spot.

What to bring: Good footwear, towel, swimwear, water, dress according to seasonal weather.

Price range

$50 - $80 NZD