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Kinaki Food Tours

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For a rustic and authentic Māori food experience, look no further – Māori Masterchef Charles Royal offers an exclusive food tour and cooking demonstration on the shore of Lake Rotomā.

Inspiration mixed with tradition – it’s all in a day’s work for Māori masterchef Charles Royal, famous for introducing indigenous herbs and spices into the mainstream New Zealand diet.

These include Pikopiko – fern fronds with a refreshing taste resembling something between a pea and bush asparagus, Horopito – Maori bush pepper, Kawakawa – Maori bush basil with a soft, heart-shaped leaf and healing properties, the Maori Potato - a cute purple gem, and many other natural and traditional ingredients.

Charles has designed menus for the national airline of New Zealand, and his indigenous ingredients are found on a la carte and fine dining restaurant menus throughout the country.

With Kinaki Food Tours, you can take an exclusive bush tour to gain an insight into Māori traditions, sustainable harvesting and natural plant remedies. Enjoy a cooking demonstration and meal with Charles on the shore of Lake Rotomā.