RotoruaNZ launches Best Summer Job Ever campaign

RotoruaNZ is undertaking a first-of-its-kind recruitment campaign to support Rotorua tourism, accommodation and hospitality businesses for this summer season and beyond.

The innovative campaign will see RotoruaNZ partnering with Student Job Search and local high schools to activate students to apply for their best summer jobs ever at local tourism, accommodation and hospitality businesses.

This is the first time any region has partnered with Student Job Search on a nationwide campaign, reaching out to a potential 350,000 tertiary students across New Zealand, as well as local high school students over the age of 15.

This two-pronged campaign is fronted by our local young people, imploring their peers to join them at their place of work and have the best summer job ever. Tertiary students with ID are able to apply directly for jobs through Student Job Search, but for high school students and their parents, RotoruaNZ has created a series of “apply for a job” events, held at the Fenton Street i-SITE during October and November.

The events will be informal and friendly so anyone can come in to apply or learn about a role without the hassle of needing a CV or having a formal interview.

Skyline Rotorua is one of the businesses that will be at the i-SITE, ready to help guide local students into possible employment with them.

Skyline's Tachina Walsh said, “This is a great opportunity for students or first-time workers to come and find out about working this summer or getting a part-time job, because we've taken away the need for formal interviews or arriving with a CV. These sessions mean it’s very casual, so come in with your parents or with a group of friends and find out what is involved."

Melissa Craig, Destination Manager at RotoruaNZ, acknowledges that summer recruitment is a significant pain point for the Rotorua visitor economy and with unemployment so low, it made sense to mobilise the city's students as a potential summer or part-time workforce.

“Whether it’s a short-term role for the summer, work during school hours for parents/caregivers, or some extra pocket money for your teenagers to spend on scooter parts, phone top-ups and Champion hoodies, there are real options worth exploring here."

This campaign will run nationwide from October 4 to November 30.

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