Largest international conference to be hosted in Rotorua

Rotorua is hosting the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) conference on 7-11 April 2019, which is the largest international conference that the city has ever secured. More than 1200 delegates from around the world will come together over the five days to discuss best practice in health promotion, research and theory.
Destination Rotorua business events manager, Craig Murray said, “IUHPE is a great opportunity to showcase Rotorua’s ability to host large international conferences and provide delegates with a high quality experience. An event of this scale involves many of our hospitality and visitor industry operators, as delegates will have opportunities to explore Rotorua and enjoy some of the restaurants and attractions on offer.
“Part of our role at Destination Rotorua is ensuring that the city is able to showcase our manaakitanga in the best way. For example, we are making sure that restaurants, bars and taxis are aware of the conference schedule so that they can be prepared for large numbers of customers at key times.
“We’re also making it easy for delegates to find their way around town with special wayfinding routes marked in temporary chalk on footpaths to direct delegates between the Energy Events Centre and the breakout sessions hosted at the Millennium, Novotel and Sudima hotels.”


IUHPE is a worldwide, independent and professional association of individuals and organisations committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people through education, community action and the development of public health policy.

Event itinerary

  • 5-6 April: Delegates arrive, so flights from Auckland to Rotorua on Friday and Saturday will be full of IUHPE delegates on those days

  • Sunday, 7 April, 4-8:30pm: Pohiri, opening plenary, welcome function
  • Sunday, 7 April, 8.30pm: 1,200+ delegates will be in town for dinner at leisure
  • Monday, 8 April: Conference finishes at 6:30pm, followed by an optional social function at Skyline Rotorua and Off Road NZ
  • Tuesday, 9 April: Conference finishes at 6:30pm, followed by an optional social function at Te Puia
  • Wednesday, 10 April: Conference finishes at 7pm, followed by an optional social function at Hobbiton
  • Thursday, 11 April: Conference closing ceremony finishes at 12:50pm
  • Thursday, 11 April: Delegates will start to leave, although some will remain in town overnight 
For more information, take a look at the conference programme or the social programme.

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