RTIP Membership & Signup

Thanks for committing to the Rotorua Tourism Industry Partnership. 


In order to confirm your membership and annual contribution, you will need to complete the following form. 


There are four over- arching categories in which you can subscribe dependent on the type of business you have. 


  1. Accommodation
  2. Attractions and Activities
  3. Service Provider/Retail
  4. Emerging Business (has been operating less than 12 months)


Each of the categories have a different way of calculating your annual contribution. 


Contribution Calculator & Submission – How it all works?


  • Members will calculate their annual contribution based on last financial years visitor numbers or stay units. 
  • This declaration will form part of your signed agreement and an invoice will be sent once it is submitted.  
  • If your self-assessment total exceeds the $10,000 + GST maximum contribution cap, the number of visitor numbers or annual stay nights is not required, just fill out total contribution as $10,000 + GST. 
  • The Minimum Contribution has been set at $950.00 + GST per annum. 
  • If you are not GST registered, no GST portion is payable

By filling in the following form, you agree to the terms and conditions.