Social Media Tips & Fun Facts

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  • Use some of our Rotorua imagery in our media library in your posts or some of the fun facts below to get your audience interested and excited about coming to Rotorua. 

Fun Facts

Get your attendees excited about coming to Rotorua by giving them a bit of a teaser with some interesting and historical facts about Rotorua. Use them on any of your social media channels or your event website. 
  • Did you know Rotorua is New Zealand’s oldest tourism destination? People have been flocking to the area to bathe in the geothermal waters and view the famous Pink and White Terraces since the early 19th century.
  • Did you know the Pink and White Terraces were considered to be the 8th Wonder of the World? They were destroyed in 1886 by the Mt Tarawera eruption, which also created Waimangu Valley, the world’s youngest geothermal system.
  • Did you know #RotoruaNZ is New Zealand’s first bilingual city, which supports and promote both Te Reo Maori and English?
  • Did you know the name Rotorua is a Maori world that means ‘second lake’?
  • Did you know Lake Rotorua is the largest of 18 lakes in the district?
  • Did you know the population of #RotoruaNZ is 72,500 and the district attracts more than 3 million visitors a year?
  • Did you know #RotoruaNZ sits within a volcanic caldera and has the largest remaining concentration of geysers in New Zealand?
  • Did you know the people of Ohinemutu and Whakarewarewa Villages still use boiling pools and steam to cook, bathe and wash clothes, as their ancestors did?
  • Did you know #RotoruaNZ is home to major international sporting events like Crankworx mountain biking festival and Tarawera Ultramarathon?
  • Did you know #RotoruaNZ has been rated the 4th best place in the world for travel experiences by TripAdvisor?
  • Did you know the New York Times listed #RotoruaNZ as number 45 of their top 52 places to visit in 2018? 
  • We are xxx days away from the @LeftHandVeganConference! We are excited to be heading to @RotoruaNZ. #LeftHandVeganConference #MeetinRotorua