Top 10 Benefits

A satisfying and productive workplace coupled with balanced work-life integration ensures Rotorua residents have a quality lifestyle, leading to personal fulfilment, sense of purpose and genuine happiness. Discover the top 10 benefits of living and working in Rotorua:

  1. A central, compact and well designed city - you can walk or cycle from the Central Mall to the lakefront in 10 minutes.
  2. Ample car parking - within the city there is plenty of free, all-day parking. Short term parking rates start at $1.00 per hour.

  3. Short commuting times - you can be in most places within a 10-minute drive.

  4. Less traffic - no daily or prolonged queues.

  5. Easy access to world-class natural resources (geothermal, lakes, forests) - means that before work, during lunch or after work you can enjoy walking, running, mountain biking, cycling or a soak in a hot pool. See what to do in Rotorua.

  6. Incredible time and cost savings - save on petrol, parking and be able to spend quality time doing what you want, rather than sitting in traffic queues.

  7. Bicycle friendly - you can easily ride to work on designated cycling streets and pathways. From the east side you can bike into the city without being on the main roads or highways. 

  8. Easy and quick access to public facilities - including schools, medical facilities and essential services.

  9. Affordable public transport - for those who like to leave the car at home, catching the bus to and from work is cost effective, quick and easy. See bus times, fares and routes online.

  10. picturesque landscape - many work places in Rotorua offer volcanic, lake, forest, geothermal or farmland views.