Rent, buy or build

Rotorua offers a good range of housing options: city apartments, suburban homes, rural lifestyle  blocks, and lakeside properties.

Housing in Rotorua is considered more affordable than other areas in New Zealand.

See below for some tips on choosing a property, whether you plan on renting, buying or building:

  • Consider your budget. What can you afford?
  • Develop a checklist. What do you need? What’s really important to you? What do you want?
  • Become familiar with features and values of NZ houses. Visit open homes.
  • Location. Consider your need for facilities, beware of school zones, walk the streets at different times of the day and night, look how neighbours look after their homes.
  • Heating & Insulation. Properties built after 1980’s are generally better insulated, and those built after 2000 may have double glazing. Central heating is rare in Rotorua.
  • Find a real estate agent, landlord or property manager that you can trust, is approachable and that you find easy to talk to.  Whether buying or renting communicate any issues as soon as they occur.
  • You might like to consider short term accommodation options when you arrive in Rotorua, while you decide where you wish to live.

Most rental properties are unfurnished, however a limited number of fully furnished city apartments, suburban three bedrooms homes, and lakeside houses are available.

Search ‘Accommodation - rental’ or ‘Property management’
Keyword ‘furnished’ if you require furnished accommodation.
‘Flatmates wanted’ and ‘property to rent’

Rental Costs in Rotorua

Below is a guide to the costs of renting in Rotorua. Costs vary depending on the location of the property and what the property has to offer.

  • 1 bedroom flat $145 - $200
  • 2 bedroom flat $160 - $320
  • 3 bedroom house $212 - $400
  • 4 bedroom house $300 - $500

Source: Tenancy Services May 2016

  • Bond - usually 4 weeks rent
  • Rent in Advance - 2 weeks
  • Letting Agent’s fee - if you have used one, it is generally 1 week’s rent
  • Telephone, internet and power connections vary depending on use and supplier
  • Insurance varies depending on the supplier


As national house prices soar to new highs, Rotorua is being hailed as a great market for first-time home buyers because of its cheaper properties. Like many provincial areas rental demand is high, and there are always opportunities in Rotorua for the smart and astute property investor. 

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If you can't find what you're looking for, or want to create a home that is uniquely yours, building your own house could be the solution. With affordable land prices in Rotorua, enlist the services of a specialised home builder to build your dream.

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