Quality Learning

quality learning with value for money

Rotorua offers you great value for money as it is one of New Zealand’s highly acclaimed learning destinations for international students. The education on offer is world-class and the lifestyle attracts young and mature people from around the globe. We have top-ranked schools, polytechnics, training institutions and English language schools for you.

Private English language programmes in Rotorua are less expensive than the larger cities and tend to have smaller class sizes. Because there are fewer students in a class, teachers or instructors have the time to work closely with you.

Parking and petrol are cheaper in Rotorua compared to the larger cities. There is free parking at all schools and many places in the inner city. For older students that gain a New Zealand license, cheaper petrol means you can enjoy cost-effective travel within the district, to surrounding cities and towns or further afield.

Daily living expenses are also considerably less. The close proximity of schooling in our city enables you to participate in a wide range of recreational, cultural and sporting opportunities.

Quality learning
Quality learning Rotorua

Becoming fluent in English gives individuals the means to move beyond their own backyards and explore the outside world. The best way to learn English is to fully immerse yourself. Rotorua is not as multi-cultural as Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. The advantage of this means that you will practice speaking English more than speaking your own language.

We also don't just teach the language, we assist you in becoming articulate English speakers, to have the ability to work, learn and live well in an English speaking environment.

learn-wingspan.jpgIn addition, Rotorua offers the ESOL-Literacy Programme, special interest classes and other local programmes, such as job mentoring. We can provide assistance with the English needed to get a driver’s licence, access early childhood education or understand workplace English.


Qualified English language teachers

Our programmes are taught by qualified, paid English language teachers.

Our well-known ‘ESOL Home Tutor’ service is delivered by volunteers who have completed the New Zealand English language volunteer training programme.

Pathway to further education or employment

learn-waiariki.jpgRotorua has achieved great success in helping international students or migrants reach fluency in English – enabling entry into excellent secondary schools, private training institutions, polytechnics and universities in New Zealand or overseas.

"It has been the greatest experience in my life to study here. Thanks for all you did for me (special classes, supporting me…). I’m going to recommend Rotorua to any person who wants to learn English and I hope I’ll see you again in the future. - New Caledonia