Supportive Environment

A safe, supportive and family-friendly city

Moving to a foreign country to learn can be difficult, especially if your English is limited. We will provide the support you need and help you settle into Rotorua life quickly. How can we do this? It is because we have a small sized population and a community that really cares about the wellbeing of others. We will give you the attention and time to make Rotorua your home away from home.

Passionate people

Passionate people

Rotorua has a growing multi-cultural population with over 150 different ethnicities represented in our community. As one of New Zealand’s main international visitor destinations, our New Zealand born residents also have a growing understanding and appreciation of new cultures and other people’s traditions and beliefs.

“I studied English in Rotorua for almost a year. When I first came to Rotorua I was really nervous because I couldn’t speak English at all and I was alone. The teachers were really kind and I made a lot of international friends. It was a turning point in my life." - Korea

Modern city

Modern cityDue to our strong tourism visitor industry, Rotorua's infrastructure is well developed for a city of its population. You will have access to quality community facilities such as the Rotorua Museum, Government Gardens, Aquatic Centre, International Stadium, Energy Events Centre and Eat Streat for learning and social purposes.

Health services

Rotorua Hospital has extensive secondary health services and specialties, including an emergency department, intensive care unit, surgical and orthopaedic units, a coronary care unit and medical unit. A range of special services not usually seen in a district of Rotorua's size is also available including a fully equipped renal dialysis unit, eye clinic, radiology department and a chemotherapy day unit. For general medical issues, you will be well taken care of with practices located in the inner city and surrounding suburbs.

Work opportunities

Rotorua’s importance as an international visitor destination means that tourism and hospitality operators often need a range of language skills among their staff. You can practice your English with visitors of the same ethnicity or country. Assistance to find part-time and full-time employment can be provided for you. Rotorua’s diverse economy means that you can approach businesses for work experience across a range of industries and sectors.

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