Why invest in Rotorua


Rotorua is the perfect city to invest in, offering compelling business opportunities companies won’t find elsewhere.

Commercial and industrial rates are cheaper than the larger population cities of New Zealand.

For the size of its population, Rotorua’s infrastructure is exceptional, catering for an additional 20%.

Rotorua has experienced good GDP growth and is increasingly becoming a multicultural city.  

Specialised industry sectors in forestrytourism, sustainable agriculture, and geothermal have a strong presence and leadership in the Rotorua community. Find out more information on our key investment sectors.

The benefits that Rotorua offers for investment include:

1. Quality Lifestyle
  • Affordable housing and variety (city, lakeside, rural and sub-urban options)
  • Most diverse landscape and access to outdoor environment – internationally recognised for mountain biking, fishing, white water kayaking and rafting, geothermal spa and wellness
  • Ease and quickness of travel within Rotorua because of its excellent layout  can get to most places within 10 minutes
  • Less traffic – no daily or prolonged queues
  • Quality education and healthcare
  • World class events, activities, recreational facilities and amenities
  • Same career opportunities


2. Passionate People & Available Labour Market
  • Over 150 nationalities
  • Access to skills at all levels


3. Central Location & Modern Infrastructure
  • Access to nearly 50% of New Zealand’s population within a 3 hour drive
  • Rotorua’s Airport is only 10 minutes’ drive from the city
  • Rotorua’s export port is less than 1 hour drive from the city


4. Extensive Natural Resources
  • Rotorua has an abundance of water (18 lakes, 3 major rivers, numerous streams and natural springs)
  • 43% of Rotorua is agriculture
  • 41% of Rotorua is made up of indigenous and exotic forests
  • Rotorua has access to the highest number of geothermal fields in New Zealand
  • Rotorua was one of the first cities to receive UFB
  • Free WiFi access in the CBD
  • Excellent roading and well connected to other main cities and towns
5. Strong Support Services


Forest Recreation Business Prosperity

Rotorua Lakes Business Prosperity