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There was good growth in Rotorua’s domestic visitor activity for the month of October 2018 which helped bolster the shoulder season between the seasonal lull of the winter months and peak visitation during summer.
For the month of October 2018 over the same month of the previous year, domestic visitor expenditure in Rotorua increased 2.7 percent, domestic visits to the Rotorua Attraction Monitor sites were static, domestic visits to the Rotorua Activities Monitor sites were up 4.1 percent and domestic nights spent in the homes of Rotorua friends and family were up 11.6 percent.
Domestic guest nights spent in Rotorua’s commercial accommodation were up 2600 nights or 2.4 percent to 110,300 in October 2018 compared with the same month of the previous year.  Rotorua has had 20 consecutive months of growth in domestic guest nights spent in commercial accommodation. This underlying trend in continuous growth in domestic guest nights indicates Rotorua is an increasingly popular destination for domestic visitors.
For Rotorua to have such a sustained run of growth points to Rotorua not resting on its laurels but continuing to offer new and exciting visitor experiences. The Famously Rotorua domestic consumer marketing campaign commenced five years ago taking consumers on a journey from Rotorua as the birthplace of New Zealand tourism through to the vibrant and innovative place it has evolved into.
Rotorua is a popular visitor destination year round, with the warmth of geothermal options making outdoor activities appealing even on cooler spring days before the summer warmth arrives. Those outdoor businesses adapted to all weather are well positioned to smooth their seasonal visitor flow, with benefits flowing into the wider economy through increased employment opportunities and the provision of supplies and services to the tourism industry.
Rotorua’s many lakes and forests offer a multitude of outdoor experiences and ensure the visitor population is well spread out across the region ensuring everyone has the best of times without the hassle of crowds. 
Last updated 17 December 2018


Rotorua Tourism Key Facts

Compiled monthly by Destination Rotorua, the purpose of this factsheet is to assist in preparing speeches and presentations.

Rotorua Tourism Snapshot Infographic

Compiled quarterly by Destination Rotorua, the snapshot provides an infographical illustration of visitor activity occuring in the Rotorua region.

New Zealand Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) 

Compiled monthly by Statistics New Zealand, the CAM quantifies the visitor demand and capacity of commercial accommodation in each of the regions, including Rotorua.

Rotorua Private Homes Monitor (PHM)

Compiled monthly by APR Consultants, the PHM quantifies the activity of visitors staying with friends and family in the private homes of Rotorua residents.

Rotorua Attraction & Activities Monitor (RAAM)

Compiled monthly by APR Consultants, the RAAM quantifies the collective visitor activity occuring at the businesses participating in the RAAM.

New Zealand International Visitor Arrivals (IVA)

Compiled monthly by Statistics NZ, the IVA quantifies the international visitor arrivals to each New Zealand airport, including Rotorua for the period when direct flights operated between Sydney and Rotorua (ie. December 2009 thru April 2015).

Rotorua Visitor Insights Programme (VIP)

VIP Infographic Snapshot                    VIP Full Report
Compiled six-monthly by Angus and Associates, the VIP provides a profile of visitors to the region, consumer awareness of Rotorua communications, perceptions of the region, and appeal and propensity to visit Rotorua.

New Zealand Business Events Activity Survey (BEAS)

Compiled quarterly by MBIE, the BEAS quantifies business events activity occuring in each of the 14 participating regions, including Rotorua.

New Zealand Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTE)

Compiled monthly by MBIE, the MRTE quantifies the visitor expenditure in each of the Regional Tourism Organisation regions, including Rotorua.

New Zealand Regional Economic Activity Report (REAR)

Compiled annually by MBIE, the REAR presents economic and visitor data on New Zealand’s regions, including Rotorua.

Rotorua District Economic Profile

Compiled annually by Infometrics, the Rotorua District Economic Profile includes estimated Tourism GDP and employment for the Rotorua district

Visit the MBIE website to access freely available New Zealand and regional tourism research and statistics.

Visit the Tourism New Zealand website to access freely available international market profiles and insights.

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