Māori Economy

Te Arawa seek long-term partnerships that provide sustainable use of resources – land, people and natural resources - as well as providing a mutually beneficial financial return

Destination Rotorua is working with Iwi on several projects to develop viable opportunities that provide sustainable investment for their hapu and whanau.

Over the last year Destination Rotorua has provided input into both the National Māori Economic Development Strategy as well as the Bay of Connections Māori Strategy. In addition, a partnership was formed with Icehouse to undertake research on the barriers for iwi businesses.

Destination Rotorua is exploring the establishment of an overarching support group for Māori land interests in Rotorua that bring together a single point of focus for the wide range of opportunities being considered.

This comprised of assets of trusts, incorporations and other Māori entities of $10.7billion, businesses of self-employed Māori of $5.4billion and businesses of Maori employers of $20.8billion.

 The majority of the Māori asset base in the Bay of Connections is within the Central District (Rotorua and Taupo) with the majority controlled from Rotorua.

The Ministry for Primary Industries engaged Price Waterhouse Coopers to identify the extent of unutilised and under-utilised Māori owned land across New Zealand.  PWC estimated a total of 1.2 million hectares in those combined categories of which ‘a good proportion’ was suitable for forestry.

Several opportunities exist for this land to be developed for a range of uses particularly building on Iwi long term view of resource management and land utilization. Some options being explored include kauri trees (50 year rotations), pines (25 years), mānuka, ginseng and other under-story crops.

Outcomes targeted

• Establishment of a unified support group including respresentatives from Destination Rotorua, Te Puni Kokiri, Te Tumu Paeroa, Te Arawa and  Federation of Māori Authorities to assist Māori land owners in developing their land.
• Understand articulated aspirations
• Integrate with National (He kai kei aku ringa) and Bay of Connection (He Mauri Ohooho) strategies
• Develop an Action Plan with identified initiatives
• Seek funding for the identified initiatives, as required.

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