Do Business in Rotorua

Rotorua is an ideal destination to invest in and do business


We encourage you to visit and find out how Rotorua can produce a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

We have a variety of local, regional and national information to assist you in relocating, expanding your existing operations or setting up a new business in Rotorua.



These documents provide an overview about Rotorua as a place to live and do business with testimonials and success stories throughout. 

  1. Rotorua Lifestyle Profile
  2. Rotorua Investment Profile
  3. Rotorua Forestry Investment Profile.

If you would like to find out more or would like a print quality version, email Destination Rotorua.


HOW WE'RE PERFORMING - Annual economic profile, business confidence & strictly news

Understanding how our district is performing is important for future planning, allocation of resources and for you as current or prospective investors and business owners.

Quarterly Economic Monitor report

Infometrics produce quarterly reports on how Rotorua is performing against the country as a whole.

Rotorua District Quartley Economic Monitor

Rotorua District Annual Economic Profile

Business Confidence Report

Twice a year, APR Consultants produce six monthly Business Confidence Surveys about Rotorua. The latest report is below.

Business and Public Confidence Report
National Business and Rotorua Business and Public (Consumer) Confindence Survey Results


council, regional & national STRATEGIC PLANS

Here are key community, local council and regional strategies and plans for Rotorua. Relevant national strategies are also provided below:

rotorua sustainable economic growth strategy

The Rotorua Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy was developed to ensure the Rotorua economy grows faster with a clear focus on the need to lift the overall economic performance of the district. It is a key document that was put together by numerous business and community stakeholders and adopted by our local council in September 2011.

This Growth Strategy outlines key strategic areas of economic focus, desired economic outcomes and measures of success. Most importantly it provides a clear steer for aligning your own individual business goals and strategies, so we can together build an even better place to visit, live, work and do business.


The Rotorua Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy is reflected into the District Long-Term Plan 2012 – 2022  which reinforces the investment committed towards growing our economy. Other key strategy and planning documents include:

Rotorua District Plan (currently in operation)
Proposed District Plan Fact Sheet
Invest and Do Business Fact Sheet
Live, Work and Play Fact Sheet
Enhancing Water Quality Fact Sheet
Rotorua Annual Plan 2013 – 2014

Click on the links to view RDC’s bylaws and policies.


RDC is committed to revitalising the CBD and some of these initiatives are currently underway or have been completed. To understand what is being planned for the Inner City, click on the following links:

Initial CBD Strategy (2006)
Rotorua CBD Revitalisation Strategy - Urban Design Framework (final 2011)
Rotorua Lakefront Development Summary (final report 2009)
Rotorua Lakefront Development Framework (final 2012)

destination rotorua marketing strategy

Tourism is a key sector to the local economy and is also the district’s largest employer. If you would like to recieve the latest business plan, contact us today. 

Regional Strategy (Forestry, energy, aqua culture)

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council was set up in 1989 to look after the land, air and water quality of the Bay of Plenty region which covers the Rotorua District.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has also been instrumental with the development of the Bay of Connections Regional Economic Growth StrategyBay of Connections is all about linking communities within the region - their resources, people and economic growth and developments goals.

In addition to this, sector specific documents have been produced:

Forestry and Wood Processing Strategy 
Freight Logistics Strategy  
Energy Strategy 
Aquaculture Strategy

National Strategy (Forestry, agribusiness, tourism)

National strategies are also available for New Zealand Forestry, Tourism, Energy, Agriculture and Environment. The Rotorua Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy also aligns with central government’s key sector strategies and focus areas:

See details of other national strategies here.


If you’re looking to start a new business, use these online tools to help you:


Here are a few handy tools when buying a new business:


Click here to test if you are ready to grow your business.

Other resources include boosting sales, advice on government grants, and importing and exporting. has also developed Compliance Matters, a tool to help assess which laws apply to your business.


For numerous reasons, Rotorua is an attractive place to relocate including:

  1. Competitive property – commercial and residential
  2. Strategic location and excellent infrastructure
  3. Quality lifestyle

We encourage you to visit and experience first-hand how relocating to Rotorua will produce a sustainable competitive advantage for your business and an unbeatable lifestyle for your employees. If you would like to know more contact us today.



There are many services, tools and resources to help ensure your business is operating at its best in all areas. Here are a few examples for consideration:


To help enhance the health and wellbeing of your workforce and boost morale, job satisfaction and productivity.


Promoting sustainability within the Rotorua District – our focus is on improving social, cultural and environmental performance.


Finding & Recruiting Staff

Whether you’re looking for skilled migrants or kiwis these sites can help you.

Immigration New Zealand 

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Immigration New Zealand is responsible for bringing the best people to New Zealand to enhance New Zealand’s social and economic outcomes.  INZ directly supports labour market growth by attracting the best people to New Zealand and supporting them into the workforce so they become long-term contributors. INZ also contributes to key export industries like tourism and education.

New Kiwis

This is a free service for employers throughout NZ. You can register vacancies, search for candidates in New Zealand and offshore:


Supporting your Staff

To get the most out of your staff, you need to provide both leadership and support. This section covers training, support and how to build morale and team spirit through recognition and personal development plans.



Everything you need to know about exporting your products and services offshore.

Export New Zealand, Bay of Plenty

A division of Business NZ, that provides national and international representation, advocacy services - representing exporters' views to Government, promoting exporters' interests through the media, championing policies that encourage export growth and free enterprise and providing preferential access to news and information about exporting issues directly affecting, or relevant to, exporters.



Other Useful sites
Asia New Zealand

Asia New Zealand website, offers resources, links and information about Asian and Asian & NZ affairs. The non-profit organisation works for mutual understanding between NZ and our Asian neighbours.

Business Central

Affiliated with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce and BusinessNZ, Business Central brings you the very best local support, training and events for enterprise and networking, combined with easy access to regional and national initiatives, lobbying, representation and resources that help build enterprise capability and success for all New Zealanders.

Food Standards Australia & NZ

Food Standards Australia & NZ develops food standards for Australia & NZ Full information with regard to food regulations - all standards and amendments

Ministry for primary industries (mpi)

MPI is about agriculture, horticulture and forestry, safe food, a protected environment, the wise use of the land, the creation of clean, green product and the economic success of those who produce it.

New Zealand Agritech

New Zealand Agritech incorporated, is a society of New Zealand Agricultural techology firms, producing a wide range of products and services to assist the farmer to produce more profitably.

New Zealand Customs Service

New Zealand Customs Service allows access to information on rules and requirements for people, goods and craft arriving in or leaving New Zealand, plus news and information about the service, including details about the organisation and the legislation it administers.

New Zealand Food Safety Authority

New Zealand Food Safety Authority protects & promotes public health and safety and facilitates access to markets for NZ food and food related products.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)

NZTE the New Zealand Government’s national economic development agency. The NZTE website provides access to experienced people, market knowledge and qualified opportunities to help New Zealand businesses grow and succeed in the global economy.

Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand is a government department and New Zealand's national statistical office. This website helps you to find your target market, compare your business with competitors and benchmark your business performance against competitors using their Business Toolbox.


Tenderlink is a tender notification service operates throughout Australasia and offers an interactive system that enables you to search or advertise on-line.

The Trans-Tasman Business Circle

The Trans-Tasman Business Circle  is a highly regarded network for corporate leaders in Australia, NZ and beyond, holding regular business events in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Wellington.


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