Zouk has captured the hearts of many people around the world and has been called "the dance of love". With its strong, flowing movements, Zouk attracts people who are generally strong and grounded and looking for a dance that emphasizes inter-dependent partner interaction.

The dance is close with an intimate partner connection. Dancers often deviate from the general rhythm to allow for musical interpretation. The pace of the dance is generally slow and smooth.

Brazilian born Talita Tavares has danced since she was 18 years old. Talita trained at the prestigious Jaime Arôxa Dance School in Rio de Janiero, she started her own dance school Movimento in 2006 and returned to teach with Jaime Arôxa in 2009. Talita has travelled the world teaching and performing and now resides in New Zealand.

Enjoy Talita's easy and enjoyable teaching style. Learn to dance in a fun and supportive community.