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      Apr 2018

      The Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt

      This year’s free Rotorua Museum Easter Egg Hunt is brought to you in conjunction with Melt, Festival of Chocolate! For one day only, Sunday 1 April 2018 from 9am – 5pm, bring the family down to Kuirau Park and become an egg-detective! Collect your clue sheet from the Hits gazebo (next to Melt Central in Kuirau Park) anytime between 9am - 5pm on Easter Sunday and find all the eggs and letters hidden around the park. Once you have found all nine letters you return to the Hits gazebo to check the mystery word and get your prize! Please take care when hunting for eggs. Ensure you have an adult with you and stay on the paths. The eggs will be hung up high so you can find them and see the letter. Please leave them there for the next egg detectives. For further information please contact Rotorua Museum, phone 07 351 8055 or email tori.williams@rotorualc.nz This is a free event provided by Rotorua Museum and Melt, Festival of Chocolate (www.meltrotorua.co.nz) with support from The Hits 97.5.


      Apr 2018

      Singles Walk

      Are you single? Wanting to meet other like minded people? Come along to our weekly Sunday walk/run where singles can meet and mingle in a fun environment. It's a great way to meet other people in a safe place and it's healthy! Arrive 1/2 hour early to register and enjoy a pre-walk/run mingle, Walkers - a 2.5km loop, Runners - a double loop 5km. We encourage you to stay and connect afterwards in a social gathering. Mix and mingle, talk to someone new and form some good friendships that may lead to potential relationships. Suitable for 40 plus, pets allowed. For more information please call Viv at 0272703594 or follow us on Facebook.com/singlesfunconnect.

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      Apr 2018

      Latin Cardio Fitness

      For those who want to walk out knowing they have worked-out. A high intensity Latin fitness workout. Inspired by Greydis’s Cuban and Latin Dance background she blends her love of fitness and dance to create a total body tone and cardio workout. (High and low level options provided). Every Tuesday from 20th Feb, during the school term! Special offer... Free trial Tuesday: 13th Feb. Note: Offer is only available on 'Tuesday 13th of Feb', Standard fees and apply from 20th Feb 2018. Lake front entrance - QE health. *Terms and conditions apply. Email - Greydisdance@gmail.com #JoinTheFunAtAnyTime #QEHealth #Wellbeing #GreydisDance

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      Apr 2018

      Latin Body Sculpt - Fitness Class

      'Morning Fitness' is the best way to start the Day! This is the ultimate fitness package! Utilizing Greydis's experience and knowledge of dance and fitness training, Greydis has created a body sculpt workout aimed to help shape and tone your body. It is a fun and inspirational class which will have you wanting more! #JoinTheFun From Thursday 1st March - Classes run during the school term. (7 weeks) Special offer... Free class trial on Thursday 22nd of Feb. 9AM. Note: Standard fees apply from Thursday March 1st. Lake Front entrance QE Health. Casual $12.00 *Terms and conditions apply. Email - Greydisdance@gmail.com #ExerciseClass #MumDayFitness #Rotoura