Rotorua is a motorhome friendly city. The inner city is small and compact and easy to explore by foot or by bike with an exciting array of experiences including retail shopping, dining, art, culture and entertainment.

Rotorua has a free daytime parking area, specifically for visiting camper vans and motorhome drivers located just behind The Arts Village in the Government Gardens. It has free all-day parking spaces marked out for the larger vehicles, as well as providing parking spaces for cars.

Camping is not permitted on most of our parks or neighbourhood recreation reserves, however, there are specified overnight camping locations and many great Rotorua holiday parks ideal for family accommodation.

Where a Rotorua camping spot is designated “self-contained”, and your vehicle has been certified as “self-contained” by the NZ Motor Caravan Association, you are welcome to park overnight. Please ensure both the “Self-Containment Warrant” and “Responsible Camper”  stickers are clearly visible and displayed are on your vehicle. If your vehicle is not self-contained, you are welcome to park only between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Please respect all camping areas, take note of signage information, keep your valuables secured and take your rubbish with you when you leave.