One Hell of a Kitchen Escape Adventure
Rotofobia  House
Rotofobia House Rotorua
Rotofobia Lobby Area
By stepping into our house you`re taking a step into adventure! We`ll tell you stories and let you unlock the mysteries of our house and take a journey into imaginary yet very real worlds. Every door will open a new adventure that will challenge your mind and excite your senses! Expect to be thrilled! 

You are locked in a room with a team of your choice and given 60 minutes to escape!  With lots of locks, keys, puzzles and riddles it`s all about team work, communication, mystery, heaps of fun for your brain cells and excitement for your senses and will guarantee you a daily dose of adrenalin!  Apart from being nicely designed with puzzles and mysteries, Rotofobia escape room adventures are full immersion stories where every mystery and every assignment is logically embedded into the storyline.