Free things to do in Rotorua

Free things to do in Rotorua

Whilst there are so many amazing attractions and activities to do in Rotorua fit for any size budget there are also some hidden gems to be found without spending a cent.  Enjoy the simple things in life while exploring the beautiful environment that surrounds our beautiful city.

Kerosene Creek

The beautiful natural wonder that sits on the outskirts of Rotorua, a 30minute drive from the city.  Kerosene Creek is nestled in the lush forest you will find a natural geothermal spring where the hot stream meets the cold stream making for the perfect spot to relax and enjoy our unique environment and thermal hotpools.  There is no charge to use the springs however we ask visitors to respect the environment and take any rubbish when they leave.


Rotorua is surrounded by 18 beautiful lakes  all free to explore, take a drive to the Blue Lake and enjoy the scenery.  A walk around the lake will take you about 1.5hours, take some food for the BBQ and enjoy a nice lunch using the free facilities.  It’s a nice way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Rotorua Night market

Don’t organise anything for dinner, head down to the Rotorua Night Market where you will find a range of local cuisine and entertainment.  Every Thursday night from 5.00pm.

Government Gardens

The Government Gardens is a great place located in the central city where you can chill out and enjoy the view, beautiful gardens and short walks.  Take in the view of the historic museum building, always a must have photo for your Insta story.

Kuirau Park

If you are wondering what all of the steam action is going on in the centre of town, that would be Kuirau Park.  You can explore the natural hot springs, bubbling mud pools, stunning gardens and even a crater lake.  Take some time to soak your feet in the geothermal foot baths, a nice way to relax without breaking the wallet.

Redwood Forest

The beautiful forest is one of Rotorua’s best assets and a must do while visiting Rotorua.  Explore the many tracks, take in the natural beauty, admire the different flora and fauna, soak in the views and just enjoy the fresh air.  You can spend an hour or half a day exploring the Redwood Forest and it won’t cost you a thing.