At the Pohutu Cultural Theatre you will be completely immersed in an enchanting audio and visual performance presented by third generation descendants of Te Arawa - the iwi (tribe) of the Rotorua region. You will dine on traditional Maori delicacies, and a delicious buffet of seafood and local produce, followed by mouth-watering desserts. The Pohutu Cultural Theatre is an authentic and traditional Maori cultural show and feast designed to enthrall and engage you in a luxurious and state of the art venue. The theatre features a stunning blend of modern technology - fully air-conditioned with unrivalled lighting and sound systems. You will enjoy exceptional perspectives from every one of the 300 seats. There is an abundance of traditional Maori design, including a 3-metre high tunnel entrance complete with handcrafted artworks. To fully appreciate the sheer passion, power and beauty of New Zealand's Maori people, there is only one place that offers so much, in such impressive and state-of-the-art surroundings. Join us for your very own Maori cultural experience. Join us at the Pohutu Cultural Theatre.