New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd (NZSNF) established in 1992, is located in the beautiful city of Rotorua and aims to promote and develop New Zealand's natural deer products as a supplement for good health and longevity to people around the world. NZSNF is licensed with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority(NZFSA) for the production of game meat and fish products. We comply with strict Acts and Regulations to ensure only the highest quality products are produced for local and export markets. Our Managing Director, Dr Ho Po Kin, is a third generation Chinese medicine doctor. His father is a famous doctor in Guangzhou. Dr Kin has spent years in research on deer products, and he has profound experience in the deer industry. 

The New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods (NZSNF) licensed premises is able to:

  • Process a wide range of deer products from whole pieces to powder, capsule or tonic form
  • Pack bulk products for your own brand or OEM/personal labeling requirements
  • Produce on contract or on special request for you
  • Provide you with export certification for many importing countries including but not limited to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and USA