We use only the freshest New Zealand farm and sea raised products in our cooking. With utmost care and combined with our secret recipes, we deliver to our customers both a delicious and healthy eating experience. The deer is full of treasures - Scientific research has shown that deer velvet (the earlier stage of deer horn) contains many nutritious ingredients. The deer is the only mammal that has this ability to re-grow its own body part, and venison is one of the lowest fat and cholesterol content red meats on the market. According to Chinese medical belief, deer tail is good for the liver and kidney, deer pizzle can help to regulate the reproductive system, and deer blood is a very good source of iron. Deer products have a very long history in China and are held in the very highest esteem. In the past, only the emperors and the wealthy have the prestige to use them for medical purposes and the satisfying of the taste buds. At New Zealand Supreme Gourmet House, we combine our quality cooking skills with our superior ingredients to deliver to you supreme cuisine for your enjoyment. See what the deer has to offer to your taste buds as well as your health. Experience the exciting and revitalizing feelings that will pass through your mind and body when you are finished with your meal.